You will need a PC or Mac, an e-mail address, Acrobat-Reader (free software, available at www.adobe.com) as well as a printer. The newspaper is in color, but you can also print it in black and white. You decide which paper to use.

Just e-mail us your information in a Word file to herstellung@4media-verlag.de. It is important that you send it to us by 10 a.m. (German time) at the latest. Always send your information to herstellung@4media-verlag.de.

We recommend personalizing communication with your guests by using pictures of you, your team and your hotel. You could also inform your guests about daily activities and use pictures from those activities, e.g. your New Year’s Eve Party, the winner of your golf tournament or a just arrived patron.

It depends would you like to entertain your customers and distract them from their stay in your hotel? Or do you prefer to offer them additional information about your house?

Provide your guests with concise information about your daily activities and information about your hotel. We do not know exactly, what your selection at the front desk is looking like, but you should offer a paper that is read as much as a magazine or a daily and it should inform your customers about offers in your hotel.

You will receive your editions around 4 p.m., then you can start providing your guests with HotelPress, e.g. during check-in. No daily will be published at that time and the TV evening news are still at a later time. After a long journey or after a long day at work your customers are looking forward to reading HotelPress without ruffle or excitement. You will fill a void and meet your guests needs. It will increase customer loyalty!

At the same time you will use your guests hunger for information to provide them with offers and information about your hotel. This means they will really embrace your sales message.

NEW: You would like to serve your guest newspaper with breakfast? We got you covered! If requested we will provide you with a HotelPress edition that states tomorrow’s date.

There is no need for you to add it. Just e-mail us your logo and we will add it for you in all your HotelPress editions. If you have already provided us with a header in 190mmx40mm, then we will use your header.

In the afternoon we will e-mail you your pdf file. There is a non-protected line below the header. Click on the line “THE TOP-NEWS OF THE DAY FOR OUR GUESTS” and fill in the name of your guest. Print it, and fill in the name of your next guest, print it again.

This enables you to offer your VIP guests individual editions with offers or information about your hotel. Where else can you get your very own daily newspaper?

By the way, do you know how open-minded guests recommend hotels?

Of course, a current evening newspaper also makes sense. But you should not forego using your logo in the header.

Absolutely, you can also pay by using Paypal. We will provide you with our username.

If your hotel is closed, we will arrange an intermission. We will add the thus caused “missing” days to your remaining delivery period. Thus you will not miss out on any HotelPress editions.

Yes, they can. We will provide you with a QR-Code, which will enable your guests to read HotelPress on their smartphone or tablet device. We will add this QR-Code to your HotelPress pdf file. In addition to a QR-Code we also offer a skimmable digital newspaper for your webpage.

Our guarantee:

We will contact you by default towards the end of your trial period. Your trial will not automatically be converted to a subscription. There is no need to cancel your trial.

Upon request you can download your HotelPress edition from our webpage. We will provide you with a download link.

Customer References

As an international luxury resort our guests want to keep in touch with news and often preferably in their own language. Your international news in various languages is very much appreciated by our guests.

Jamal Hussain
Assistant Vice President / General Manager, Regent Sanur

News is a daily commodity and HotelPress in English allows the Regal Airport Hotel to reach out to its guests, with a customized and readable product that reinforces our hotel communications and adds service experience to our guests’ stay.

Mr John Girard
General Manager of Regal Airport Hotel

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