Welcome to HotelPress

Welcome to HotelPress!

HotelPress is a newspaper for your guests with daily news and can be enriched with informations from your hotel or advertising from your local partners. The hotel guest is not only supplied with entertainment and the news from the world, but learns about your additional services like Beauty Spa, restaurant menus or daily activities.). With our newspaper you can provide more service to your guests, as well as generate additional revenue.

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Top news

The top news of the day as PDF in your hotel. Print out as much issues as you need. Available in many different local editions.


HotelPress is completely tailor-made for your hotel. Your logo, your colors and your content within a reputable newspaper.

Weather and entertainment

You can obtain HotelPress with weather forecast for your city, Sudoku riddle, Childrens page and much more - without paying additional fees!

Effective und cost-efficient

Provide advertising space in your newspaper to your suppliers or local partners like restaurants or car rentals. This way you can refinance your subscription.

Skimmable newspaper

...also as skimmable newspaper linked on your homepage, with daily new content

Your digital guest newspaper

With our new product HotelPress//Live we deliver your hotel to the smartphones and tablets of your guests.

Customer references

HotelPress Online Newspapers gives an added personalization to our guests each morning when receiving their own monogramed newspaper each day, in their own language. The professional layout are as good as any of the Daily high street publications, and being based on an Island, it’s refreshing to know we can receive fresh daily news hot off the press each morning before my guests rise and shine. Thank you again for all your help. We will definitely renew our contract with Hotel Press for next year, and for as many years as I remain the GM here.
Ray Clark
General Manager, The Samaya Bali

News is a daily commodity and HotelPress in English allows the Regal Airport Hotel to reach out to its guests, with a customized and readable product that reinforces our hotel communications and adds service experience to our guests’ stay.
Mr John Girard
General Manager of Regal Airport Hotel

As an international luxury resort our guests want to keep in touch with news and often preferably in their own language. Your international news in various languages is very much appreciated by our guests.
Jamal Hussain
Assistant Vice President / General Manager, Regent Sanur


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